Saturday, 27 April 2013

Last Request

Last Requests

Bury me on a day when the sun has his hat on
Bury me on a day when I am fresh from the oven
Bury me on a day that smells of bees and honey
Bury me on a day that ends in fireworks in a graveyard
Bury my eyes in your smiles and not your tears
Bury my ears where someone is playing sad piano music
Bury my tongue with the taste of you
Bury my heart in Scotland’s cold earth
Bury my arms in your memory.
Bury my hands without touching them.

Don’t bury me in Bury, Wounded Knee or Blackhall.

Bury me with all the women who made me cry, weeping
Bury me where sparrows hop over the soil
Bury me where nobody ever thinks to go
Bury me with a brie and grape sandwich
And a macaroni pie
Bury my brain in an ants nest somewhere
Bury my mouth and shut it with a flower
Bury my legs where Eddie Gibbons can make a pun
Bury my liver next to the Tennant’s brewery
Bury my soul if you can find it
Bury my poetry in a box on Cramond Island

Don’t bury me in Sunderland, Alcatraz or Hartlepool.

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