Monday, 21 October 2013


Don’t write about dreams
Unless you’ve got something else to say.

Don’t contemplate them, you will slip
Into cliché as easily and obviously
as clouds being fluffy or as night being dark.

Ignore them and their glib psychology
Freud used to dream about sex
Before it was Freudian to do so.

Denounce them as being what they are; mind herpes,
Involuntary ramblings or at best pleasant diversions.

Don’t encourage them to breed.
They are as pointless to take seriously
as astrology is to astronomy.

View them as you might view gossip columns
Interpret them in the same way, with cynicism
And if you don’t know yourself by now
Ask someone who does.

Don’t write about dreams
They will trick you into believing
You are important, when you really know
You are not, otherwise why dream at all?

You can’t escape or find safe passage through
Life by dreaming, dreams are like cotton wool

Good for soaking up stuff but useless after that.

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