Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Twenty five ewes and an eye

Twenty five ewes and an eye

You will remember we once had a cat

You had nothing to do with its passing

You have always kept your nails from dirt

You see the new sunrise and drink coffee

You fail to supply any of my needs or demands

You work without happiness and live without books

You don’t count the times you have hurt me

You are making food again without joy

You lie beside me like a cat

You will remember we once had a cat

You will remember how it ceased to be

You are as distant as you want to be.

You are in love with someone else

You worry when the dawn is less than beautiful

You give me books and their endless words

You never answer my questions with words

You touch my soul but never my body

You will not hear me crying in the night

You must sing when you are happy, do you?

You are the only one I would give me to

You are sleeping in another city

You have secrets that you do not tell

You are unrequited as you will always remain

You are walking alone, somewhere, smiling.

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