Monday, 13 May 2013

The Coogit Bairn

The Coogit Bairn (for Sandie Craigie)

you were the best of us
cutting through the bullshit
poses of poets & poli-thickos
with your razor-edged-gutter-rants.

all the cack churned out from
the brains of idiots you had seen
before, plastering the route of your Coogit.

an ordinary phonebox that I pass once a week
brings you to mind your voice sharp as paper cuts,
wish you were here to blow the shite out
of my rafters watch pigeons scatter feathers
scruffy-dreich-whoory angels
shivering at your blessed words
& that tree in Glasgow
rooted in ash, snuff & smoke.
auld reekie I am glad you rained on us.

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