Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Three Rs

You must read. Don’t kid yourself
You must read. The poetry is an endless
Torrent rushing toward you. It will pass
And care nothing for you if you don’t read.

Read as if your life depended on it
Read even though people will tell you
It is only poetry. Read in spite of them
Read your way into writing
Read your voice out of the word hoard
To make your place in the word hoard.

Write because it is second only to breathing
Write because nothing else will do
Write because, why wouldn’t you?
Write because time won’t wait for you
Write because you believe you should
Write with arrogance but be kind to people
Write because you love and are loved
Write, not for fame or imagined wealth
Write because it is  necessary to write
To surf the torrent.

Read and Write all that you can
This is your only duty.

Remember you are part of something
Greater than you and always will be.

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